OKC Roads Are Terrible But You Can Have A Beautiful Parking Lot

Most roads in Oklahoma are in poor condition, which can cause many problems. Some people experience vehicle damage while others experience injuries because of hard bumps. It’s a good idea to have some mercy on people’s cars as well as their bones by installing a parking lot, especially if you own a business and want to maintain a good reputation. At First Water Contracting, we can handle all kinds of jobs like installations, maintenance, and parking lot repair OKC.

OKC Roads Are Terrible But You Can Have A Beautiful Parking Lot


Asphalt Parking Lots

Most commercial parking lots are paved with asphalt because it is a very versatile material. It can handle high levels of traffic, different loads, and is easy to repair. Asphalt surfaces are also very easy to refresh so if your parking lot starts to look a little old or dated, you can refresh the look with quick repairs. Here are some benefits of asphalt pavements:

  • They’re quick and easy to install so you don’t experience much downtime. A full parking lot can be laid down in a few days instead of weeks. Concrete will take much longer because it needs to set and cure.
  • Asphalt is also quite affordable, which can help save some money. Repairs and maintenance aren’t very expensive either, which reduces long-term costs.
  • Asphalt is better for the environment because it can be completely recycled or reused. Some types are permeable, allowing rainwater to pass through and enter groundwater reserves.
  • These pavements can last for more than 20 years with proper maintenance.

There are many benefits of asphalt but if you don’t the surface to become like Oklahoma public roads, you need expert parking lot maintenance OKC.

Essential Maintenance

Prompt repairs and regular maintenance can help improve a parking lot’s lifespan while reducing the overall expense. Here’s a list of essential servicing you must do to keep this surface in a good condition:

  • Crack filling – This is the process of blowing ad cleaning, before adding filler to the cracks in asphalt surfaces. The material is susceptible to heat and cold so it moves as the temperature changes. That can lead to cracks over time, which can widen if they’re left unattended. We fill cracks with emulsions, asphalt cement, or similar materials; this ensures the gaps dont expand. The results can last for 3 years with good maintenance.
  • Crack sealing – This process is a little more advanced and durable, and is able to withstand temperature changes better. Experts grind the crack to widen it by a small margin before they add rubberized crackseal material. This parking lot repair OKC solution lasts for a long time, even in high-traffic conditions.

Other repairs include surface alterations like coatings, penetrating or rejuvenation sealant application, aggregate based seals, etc. These improve the appearance of your parking lot and can be applied once every few years based on wear.

If you’re looking for parking lot maintenance OKC, we at First Water Contracting can help. Just contact us or give us a call at 405 664 6200 and we’ll help.


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