When you have severe potholes on your property, full depth patching OKC becomes one of the best and permanent paving repair solutions.We at First Water Contracting have handled a large number of projects in the past and offer excellent results.

This restoration procedure involves removal of the distressed pavement after which it will be blended together with the stone base to create a brand new recycled base over which the new asphalt surface will be installed.

Full Depth Patching- The Benefits

There are a number of benefits to full depth patching OKC to repair potholes in the asphalt paving such as:

    •    Cost-Effective- This process offers benefits that are similar to reconstruction but at a very affordable cost. In some instances, the costs can also reduce by up to 50% by eliminating additional labor costs related to trucking etc.

    •    Time Saver- If you need potholes in your asphalt pavement fixed in a hurry, you should consider getting full-depth patching done. This process can save you a significant amount of time and money. The manner in which the process is done also allows you to repair the surfaces without actually having to completely shut down the entire parking lot, roadway or driveway, which also reduces the impact on users.

    •    Flexibility- When designed and executed appropriately, full depth patching also offers the flexibility to make corrections, profile grade adjustments and the cross-slope adjustments that you need. If you need to widen any area of the surface, that can be accomplished too. In fact, this repair option is so flexible that it can be applied just about anywhere where road surfaces are failing. It’s frequently used to upgrade or level cheap seal roads or other paved areas like parking lots.  

    •    Durability- Full-depth patching is a very resilient and long-lasting solution for fixing asphalt surfaces when compared to other methods of pavement repairs.

    •    Eco-Friendly Solution- This method is considered to be one of the greenest and cleanest asphalt repairs methods available today. This is because the existing roadway materials are used, regardless of the condition they are in.

Full Depth Patching- Common Applications

OKC full depth patching is used in a number of different settings including:

    •    Parking lots
    •    Roadways
    •    Driveways
    •    Back roads
    •    Secondary roads
    •    Mid-level volume roads
    •    City roads
    •    Private housing complex or commercial complex roads

Preparation and Materials

Full depth repair patches are considered to be the best option for most types of potholes, but preparing the surfaces well is a crucial aspect of the process. Here is a brief look at the full depth patching process:

    •    The area to be removed will be marked.
    •    It will then be cut and the damaged section removed.
    •    All the debris and dirt will be removed from the hole.
    •    Air/heat will be used to dry the sides and insides.
    •    A tack coat application come next which helps the new material adhere well to the older surface.
    •    The new surface will be applied in layers after proper compaction and the edges will be sealed.

If you’re looking for full depth patching OKC, we at First Water Contracting can help.
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